Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another beauty!

I did not post this before because of my blurry issue....but it is too pretty not to show you! We have been on a scallop thing lately....but it is soooo cool! One more time - the proud mama! I believe that this card was inspired by a Karen Barber card...an INK-y sister

My card from Steph

Stephanie made me this card - all by herself! She knows I love this set...and that I love watercolor - so she did it!! I thought she did a great job with the colors and everything! Unfortunately, I think I am getting some blurry pics these days....sorry! Don't know WHAT I am doing wrong...But anyway -I love this card!

For Her step-mother on Mother's Day

I think Steph took a much better shot of this card so I just posted this pic again....I was sure you all would not mind!! Its so beautiful! LOVE IT! That's my baby!

Using the rub-ons from the Sale-a-bration event - she decorated this lovely little flower pot from Michaels. She put gardening gloves in there, some seed pots, and four packs of seeds. I thought it came out great! Her step-mother is very classy and loves hand crafted things...she is crafty herself - I hope she loved it! I haven't heard yet from Steph what her reaction was...don't you think hand made is better than store bought any way?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Altering of a design...

So this is Stephanie's version of a card I posted before. She wanted to make a card for her clinical instructor for Nursing III for her and all her classmates in their clinical class. She made it a 5 X 5 so there was more room for peeps to sign it....WAY TO B STEPH!! LOL

OMG!! Look at this beauty!!!

Isn't this beautiful! Stephanie CASE'd a card and tweaked it here...using the set I love...This was her mother's day card for her Step-mother. The colors are so cool! I will need to find out what the recipe is so I can post - these are using current SU products....and I had to brag a bit....if I can get the pictures downloaded - she has some more fab-u cards for me to post....just not enough time in a day, man!!! KWIM?