Thursday, May 15, 2008

For Her step-mother on Mother's Day

I think Steph took a much better shot of this card so I just posted this pic again....I was sure you all would not mind!! Its so beautiful! LOVE IT! That's my baby!

Using the rub-ons from the Sale-a-bration event - she decorated this lovely little flower pot from Michaels. She put gardening gloves in there, some seed pots, and four packs of seeds. I thought it came out great! Her step-mother is very classy and loves hand crafted things...she is crafty herself - I hope she loved it! I haven't heard yet from Steph what her reaction was...don't you think hand made is better than store bought any way?

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Debbie Yates said...

Maureen..Steph... you guys rock! Such great talent - love this card - soft, gentle, loving...just beautiful!